by david » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:35 pm

Press '?' in the game for instructions.

Moving the trackball sends cursor keys to program (up, down, left, right). Pressing the trackball sends an "enter" key.

Control keys can be entered by holding down the trackball followed by a letter.

The escape key can be entered by pressing the back button. You can also enter an escape key by pressing Alt-w.

The screen is divided into a three by three grid for touch input. Tapping in any of these grid areas sends the corresponding keypad key (1-9) to the program. This can be useful for input of diagonal directions.

Because of the lack of a full keyboard which the default keymap requires for game play, I recommend switching to the rogue-like keymap. This can be done through the program options (press =, a, b). This keymap allows navigation in the eight directions though keypresses (hjklyubn).

Pressing the home button on the phone will cause the program to go into the background. The game will automatically be saved when this happens, so you don't need to save the game first.

Angband Borg: If you play the Vanilla 3.0.6 version of Angband (this can be changed in preferences), a Borg, or automated Angband player, is included for free. To activate him while playing, choose Control-z (i.e. Hold down trackball, followed by 'z'). The game will advise you that the Borg is dangerous and try to deny any responsibility for what is about to happen. After reading and ignoring these messages, type z at the "Borg Command:" prompt. Now watch and let your mind go numb! To observe the Borg more closely, you can slow him down by entering the options menu (with the '=' key) and setting Base Delay Factor to a higher value.

Internet/Location Permission: This program requires permission to access the internet and to determine your location. This is used for sending anonymous usage statistics to the developers. These statistics will be used to help prioritize development tasks on this program in the future.