Angdroid nightly build failing

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Angdroid nightly build failing

Postby Dawnmist » Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:34 pm

I was looking to download the current angdroid/angband nightly, and found that the most recent successful build seems to be from March 2013.

Looking at the build log, 2 of the patches are failing against the current angband head - the one for lib/file/news.txt (because that file has changed completely - looks like this patch can just be removed?), and the one for src/h-basic.h (I think this just needs updating to match the new strings in src/h-basic.h).

I tried building my own copy with the above changes, but have been failing. Since I haven't built anything for android before, I'm guessing that it's environment related - the build gets to "-build-setup:" and fails with "Unable to resolve project target 'android-16'". (Though there's also issues in the from earlier in the build, because I don't have a "" file and don't know how to make one - I suspect that this is causing the later failure).

Is there any chance of getting the angdroid nightly build working again so that the current nightly would be on the angdroid ftp site?
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Re: Angdroid nightly build failing

Postby david » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:50 am

The nightly build is working again. In addition to the patch errors that you were seeing, there were a couple other changes necessary to get it working again.

Do you have API 16 installed in your SDK? That might be the problem that you're seeing with the android-16 target. I guess we could try changing to API 19, the latest version of the API. looks something like this. It's used for authenticating to the Scoreloop service. Publishing the keys would make it easier to post fake high scores.

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export SL_SECRET_ANGBAND='xxxx'
export SL_SECRET_NIGHTLY='xxxx'
export SL_SECRET_VARIANTS='xxxx'
export SL_SECRET_CLASSICS='xxxx'

export SL_ID_ANGBAND='xxxx'
export SL_ID_NIGHTLY='xxxx'
export SL_ID_VARIANTS='xxxx'
export SL_ID_CLASSICS='xxxx'
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